Since 1832, we have been rallying men and women to protect everyone’s home and living spaces and to improve everybody’s daily life.

We are truly passionate about discovering more about wood and materials, always inspired to learn about new developments and trends. As dedicated and tireless explorers, as a result of scientific research, we are developing cutting-edge eco-friendly technologies that can help us to develop protection, maintenance, improvement and decoration techniques, towards higher levels of performance to make your projects a success.

Early, we were pioneers in environmental friendliness, and we still are to this day, providing professionals and DIY enthusiasts with next-generation high-performance bio-sourced products, offering full traceability for our raw materials.

We firmly believe in more collaborative and responsible industry.
We think that co-creation, collaboration and the bond that we share with our customers and partners are the only way to go beyond the limits of our know-how. We raise awareness among the stakeholders in our value chain of the need to take different actions and adopt new and more sustainable products.

We know our collaborators’ passion and engagement is the beating heart of our Group. We seek to ensure complete security in order to foster boldness in innovation and make talent blossom.

BLANCHON Group is a space that is dedicated to technological and environmental innovation and the creativity of everyone who wants to leave a lasting mark on the future.

Join us!